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If you’d like to make any changes to this information or would like to take your number off the list – please email The services listed here are in random order and not as per any recommendation. We urge you to do your research on Google or by visiting the service before hiring the service for your pet’s care.

Animal Communication

  • - Tanmayi & Prinay Manjeshwar

  • Animal Communications by Akshaya Kawle 

  • Eira by Priyanka Hosangadi (Also does Bach Remedies)

  • Earthwise Pune - Manjiri Latey 

Pet Product Shops – Food, Accessories, Treats and Utilities

Pet Behaviourists & Trainers

Pet Sitting / Lodging and Boarding / Day Care / Hotel / Resort

  • Pearl Jamshedwala – 7506640035

  • Devashree Home Pet Sitting, Thane – 7738000647

  • Little Paws by Aroza - 8108687168

  • Meow’s Home Cat Boarding, Andheri – 9820984100

  • Apsan Resort – 9323968579 / 9833757875 / 022-32681494

  • Dr Onkar Pawaskar’s Pet Hotel – 022-25973100 / 09819363131

  • Zawareh Daruwala – 9867903333 / 9820048011 

  • Perfect Pooch Home Boarding – 9699933104

  • Brookside kennels, Mrs. Joseph – 9820469897

  • Delriques Kennels – 9821752507 / 9870952507 / 9821812507

Pet Travel

If you’re moving with your pet to another country/ flying your pet abroad, please contact –

Anvis Inc –

Furry Flyers –

Vacation with your pet

Look for pet-friendly accommodations on Airbnb, MakemyTrip,, Agoda by putting the 'Pets Allowed' Filter

Make sure to call the property and ensure that they are pet-friendly before heading out for a vacation.

Pet Adoption Counselling - 

If you are thinking of adopting a pet and need guidance, reach out to us via email.

Mypalclub Foundation: 9324699829 /

Animal Assisted Therapy – Training your dog to become a therapy dog

Animal Angels Foundation:

Animal Angels Foundation:

Pet Grooming & Bathing​ - 

Google 'Pet Groomer Near me' or 'Pet Salon near me' on Google.

You will get a list of options. Make sure they have CCTV cameras and that you are present at the location with your pet, in the same room while grooming.

In light of recent incidents taking place with pet service providers, we strongly recommend that you do not trust any service provider blindly and are present at the location with them when your pet avails a service. Make sure the people who are handling your pet are genuine animal lovers and not just the owners of the establishment.

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