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Visiting the vet is surely a mammoth task, because our pets seem to magically know where we’re heading even before we jump into the car. All said and done, as responsible pet parents, we must we visit our vet for regular checkups. To ensure that you have a large number of vets to choose from, we’ve compiled a mini-directory of vets in Thane & surrounding areas. 

Disclaimer – We do not take responsibility for the quality of service in any of these establishments. These numbers are published solely for convenience and ease of use. Please google and go through reviews before choosing the vet for your pet. We do not recommend that you consider proximity or cost to be your primary criteria when choosing a vet for your pet. If you’d like to make any changes to this information or would like to take your number off the list – please email

Thane & Mulund – General Practitioners (Small Animals)

  • Petvets Veterinary, Manpada – 9819281559

  • Central Vets, Vartak Nagar  

  • Animal Care Center, Ghodbunder Road 

  • Animaux Clinic, Kolshet 

  • Pet’s Corner, Khopat 

  • Chariar clinic, Manpada

  • Planet Animal Hospital, Eden Woods 

  • O’s Pet clinic, Ghodbunder Road 

  • Vet 4 Amazing Pet, Ghodbunder Road 

  • Pet care veterinary clinic, Makhmali Talao

  • Tapase’s Pet Care, Savarkar Nagar 

  • Deshpande clinic 

  • Patil Pet care, Makhmali Talao 

  • Avinash Pet clinic, Lok Puram  

  • Bapat Hospital, K-Villa 

  • Natasha Pet Clinic, Mulund 

Mumbai- General Practitioners (Small Animals)

  • Top Dog, Andheri

  • Happy Tails, Khar, Deonar & Vikhroli 

  • Blue 7 Vets, Borivali 

  • Phoenix Veterinary, Prabhadevi

  • Crown Vet, Mahalaxmi 

  • Crown Vet, Khar 

  • Acumed Veterinary, Kandivali

  • Acuvet Veterinary, Dadar 

  • Ramani Jairam clinic, Andheri 

  • Blossom Pet clinic, Malad

  • Shivaji Park Animal Clinic 

  • Dr Fernaz’s Pet clinic, Andheri 

  • Dr Sageeta Vengasarkar, Shivaji Park 

  • Wild vets, Bandra 

  • Animal Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, Chembur 

  • Dr. Brijesh Raj, Colaba 

  • Animal Care Center, Andheri

  • Mahalaxmi Animal Center 

  • Dr. Bhoir, Bhandup (Large Animals)

Navi Mumbai

  • Happy Tails, Deonar

  • Cessna, CBD Belapur 

Birds, Small and Exotic Animals

  • Dr Hemant Thange, Thane: 9819281559

  • Dr Shivani Tandel, Shivaji Park, Mumbai

  • Dr. Percy Avari, Mumbai

  • Dr Rina Dev, Mumbai

  • Dr Dinesh Vinerkar, Santacruz



  • Dr Prathamesh Deshmukh, Accumed

  • Dr Deepa Katyal, Chembur

  • Dr Akshay Shah, Wadala


  • Dr Leena Dalal & Dr Deep Vasudeo, Petzone, Mahalaxmi

  • Pooja Advani, Doggie Dog World


  • The Eye Vet, Chembur

Kidney / Renal Specialist & Dialysis

  • Dr Kaustubh Garud, Parel SPCA 


  • Blue7Vets, Borivali

  • The Bone Vet, Chembur  


  • Kukkuripa Navi Mumbai 

  • The Cancer Vet, Chembur

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